“Ubaldo Lay” Award

Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea “Barocco Salentino”

Premio Internazionale di Cinematografia e Teatro “Ubaldo Lay”
Saturday 18 July 2020, Mesagne (BR)

Maurizio Puxeddu takes the International Film and Theater Prize “Ubaldo Lay” assigned to him with the following motivation: “… for his commitment in the field of musical activity, in research on the ethnic instruments of Sardinia and the Mediterranean in function of a their use, together with classical and electronic instruments, in theater soundtracks.

The Honorary President Dr. Nicola Giampaolo gives the “Ubaldo Lay” Prize to Maurizio Puxeddu

I thank the Academy “Italy in Art in the World”, the Artistic Director Roberto Chiavarini, the Vice President Dario Chiavarini, the President of the Scientific Committee of Honor Dr. Michele Miulli, the members of the Laura Guercio Committee, Dr. Alfonso Galasso, Vitoronzo Pastore, Dr. Maria Torrelli, Nicolò Mazzaccara, Dr. Mario Vuodi, Vincenzo Santoro, Carla Di Lascio and the Honorary President Dr. Nicola Giampaolo and the associated Mario Cutrì, the Municipality of Mesagne, the Mayor of Mesagne On. Dott. Antonio Matarrelli, for the commitment paid in this excellent construction. (M. P.)

This week I’m attending an Apulian event, the International Biennial of Contemporary Art “Salento Baroque” – Music Category – “International Cinematography and Theater Award”

Saturday 18 July starting at 20:00, in the central Piazza Orsini of Mesagne, adjacent to the Norman Castle, the High Awards of Contemporary Art “APOLLO E DAFNE” will be delivered, a tribute to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the High Awards for Cinematography and the “UBALDO LAY” Theater and the High Awards for Social Commitment “THE THINKER”. All the awarded artists participating in the “Baroque Salentino” International Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020, will exhibit their works from 14 to 19 July 2020 in the noble rooms of the Municipal Castle of Mesagne.