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SOLILUNA – Faraway Inner Vibes

Concert / show of music and dance, of fusion, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean atmospheres.

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“We have in our genetic codes the memory of ancient contaminations, of the paths in time gone towards unknown destinations, of hugs to people different from us, who have welcomed us into their culture, which we have internalized and made our own, but also the results of clashes and violence. SOLILUNA has chosen to explore this territory, the discovery of deep vibrations, apparently distant from us, with FARAWAY INNER VIBES, proposing itself in a contemporary, original and modern expression of music and dance. ” (M.P.)
Maurizio Puxeddu – Concept and compositions
Silvia Layla – Dance and choreography
Maurizio Puxeddu (chitarra, flauto traverso, strumenti etnici)
Fabio Mancano ( sax soprano, sax tenore, MIDI)
Giulio Caneponi (drums, percussioni etniche)
Silvia Layla (danza)

Abbasalìa – Storie dal vento e dal mare

Music and dance show

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In the “Abbasalìa project – Stories from the wind and the sea”, signed by the musician and composer Maurizio Puxeddu, with the collaboration of the dancer and choreographer Silvia Layla, music and dance become artistic expressions, which are strengthened and interact with each other, capable of adaptation to the places where the initiative will be represented, in telling local stories, stories that come from the Mediterranean, but also from more distant places.

It is the wind that suggests magical and persuasive stories, it is the sea that concretizes the reality of separations between peoples but also their possible union. A symbolic sea that separates and unites, allowing migrations of peoples and cultures, contaminations, influences and mingling of feelings, expressed in different languages ​​and in different ways of being.

In fact, in the evocative cover of the project there is an imaginary sea, deriving from a photograph as opposed to a sunset with inverted colors, so that it looks like the sea, in the distance stormy, perhaps in treacherous proximity. Even music and dance, body and soul of this work, participate in the idea that reality can be observed and enjoyed in many ways, that the sense of welcome can resolve rather than remove and destroy.

SHARDAN – Il popolo del mare

Concert, soundscapes, musical happening

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“Here is my new project based on the desire to freely explore the sounds, instruments, music and songs of those places where the so-called people of the sea fought the battles of others, of those peoples and ethnic groups that formed the people of the sea. Who were these people? Where did they live? It is all quite controversial, there are several theses in response to these questions. In fact, “their presumable identification with the ancient Sardinians is, at the moment, the subject of archaeological debate”. And for me, it’s like building a soundtrack of a fantastic and imaginary journey, through time and space. “M.P.

DELLE ALTRE STELLE – Canone a tre p/arti

Theater show (with acting, reading, music, video and dance)

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DELLE ALTRE STELLE – Canone a tre p/arti
Direction and screenplay by Maurizio Puxeddu

We are coming! On the occasion of the ESTATE ROMANA 2021, at Corviale, between the end of September and the beginning of October, we will present “DELLE ALTRE STELLE – Canone a tre p/arti”.

Following the video of the same name, prequel of the theatrical show, awarded in Lecce on July 10, with various certifications, we have developed the theatrical version, which sees engaged Gianni De Feo (actor), Silvia Layla (dancer) and Maurizio Puxeddu (musician).

Background photo: David Garry (fireworks), Maurizio Puxeddu (video frame with Gianni De Feo – Conte Ugolino)


Laboratory, conference, workshop

It is a laboratory / conference / workshop for modern wind instrument musicians, which can also be extended to ethnic instruments, and is suitable for aerophones with a natural mouth (such as the upright flute, the transverse flute), with a simple reed (such as the clarinet and saxophone), double-reed (like oboe, English horn, bassoon), mouthpiece (trumpet, trombone, horn, flugelhorn, bass tuba).

Each type of wind instrument groups similar problems in the execution of Circular Breathing, and the participants will be followed and corrected step by step in the path of realization and improvement of the technique with their musical instrument.

For those who, even without a musical instrument, wish to discover the secrets of circular breathing, it is possible to have a first experience with a preparatory approach.