Gaia from Abbasalìa – Video

Here we are. Maurizio Puxeddu, musician and composer, Silvia Layla, dancer and choreographer, in GAIA, a piece taken from the show “Abbasalìa – Stories from the wind and the sea”. It is not yet possible to perform live concerts with the public, we are prevented from communicating through our arts, our feelings, therefore we cannot fully express the potential of “Abbasalía – Stories from the wind and the sea”, if not through streaming or video, for now.

From Abbasalìa, which sees us participating in the union of music, dance and territory, for now we can give you only a small excerpt with some suggestions that the show itself could offer live, through a video shot at the beginning of March 2021 in the pine forest “La Campana” near Nettuno and Anzio (RM), with Silvia’s choreography and Maurizio’s direction.

It is a video that conveys the atmospheres present in Gaia, a music by Maurizio Puxeddu, for piano and delay, dedicated to the Earth, contained in “Abbasalía – Stories from the wind and the sea”.

What do these atmospheres suggest to you?