compared with Western music theory
Teacher: Maurizio Puxeddu

In collaboration with the RASALILA Association, which deals with yoga, meditation and cultural events, we have activated this course, in presence and online, based on the use of a musical instrument, certainly not of an ancient Indian tradition, but now used in organic instrumental and vocal in performances and for learning Indian music.

It is a musical instrument that has become extremely appreciated for its portability and practicality, for its use without electricity, for its powerful sound.


The instrument in question is a bellows harmonium, the Indian Harmonium, a transportable instrument, easy to use, which produces a melodic, harmonic and rhythmic reference, but above all and mainly the “tonal” reference of support and support to the music produced, through drones and continuity of sound.

The INDIAN HARMONIUM Music Course, in its preparatory and first level modules, will give you the security of the technical bases on the instrument (how to play) and the theoretical bases of Indian music, considering both the nomenclature of Indian notes (SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI or SA RI GA MA PA DHA NI), of the Indian RAGAs, of the melodic evolutions typical of Indian singing and music, and, given the use of a typically western keyboard, the study and comparison to western music theory.

Terminologia indiana e occidentale (italiana) su una scala di DO maggiore o Raga Bilaval

In the Second and Third level modules you will be able to develop, deepen and refine your knowledge of Indian music and the Indian harmonium compared to Western music theory.

– Do you need to study or perfect Indian RAGAs, scales and modes of expression with the Indian Harmonium?
– Do you want to accompany the BAJAN, the Indian devotional songs?
– Do you need to learn the use of the Indian harmonium to study Indian singing with a reference instrument or accompaniment?
– Would you like to have that kind of sound, now defined as Indian, in your sample of sounds?
– Do you wish to compose in an instrumental and vocal ethnic style?
– Do you want to accompany the meditations by tuning the mantras on prearranged musical pitches?
– Do you want to match chakras to related sounds?
– Do you want to know the rules of Indian music in reference to those of Western music?

It is a course built in a gradual and modular way, but which can give ample space to the needs of those who approach this beautiful instrument.

Esempio di spostamento della tonica mobile SA, a partire dalla nota RE occidentale per ricavare una scala maggiore o note del Raga Bilaval

“I find the study of Western musical theory fundamental and almost an obligatory step for a profound understanding of Indian musical theory, because even if you have to play Indian music, in this musical instrument the conformation of the keyboard is purely Western, but not only, this method of tackling the subject will allow you, by playing Indian music, to interface with the western musical world and vice versa. (M.P.)”

In conclusion, the study of the Indian Harmonium and this MUSICAL COURSE of INDIAN HARMONIUM will be very useful for the study of melodic music and monodic singing, but also for studying elements of harmony and rhythm, as well as being very useful in the above cases (in “desires”)!

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