SOLILUNA – Faraway Inner Vibes

Soliluna 2021


SOLILUNA – Faraway Inner Vibes
A new music and dance project takes shape in 2021, a show with a fusion world music flavor, with atmospheres referring to the Middle East, the Mediterranean and its surroundings!


The original music composed by Maurizio Puxeddu has the charm of ethnicity and mystery, of innovation with new expressive codes. It is a story of encounters and experiences. Where does this music come from? It is a repertoire that has been formed over the years starting from a traditional guitar typical of Sardinia, a guitar with metal strings with a wide soundbox, tuned a fourth or a fifth below compared to the classical or acoustic guitar, with which the composer over the years he has elaborated original themes and rhythms of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence, with sounds similar to the Arabic lute, the flamenco guitar, the Persian setar and the Indian sitar, the African guimbrì, but with the peculiarity of new modern techniques.

A new adventure at the gates of the sun and the moon

The transition to a baritone guitar as a means of main musical expression, in SOLILUNA Tour 2021, replacing or alongside the Sardinian guitar, a precious source of inspiration, was a natural step. The equal use of a series of ethnic wind instruments, which Maurizio has been collecting for over 30 years and has mastered with very intriguing expressive techniques (circular breathing, for example, the use of several contemporary instruments), and the presence of the baritone guitar , which allows expressiveness on the medium-high and medium-low register, in addition to the choice of open tunings (I-V-I-I-V-I) and percussive techniques on the sound box, allowing a notable variety of sounds in the musical story.

“We have in our genetic codes the memory of ancient contaminations, of the paths in time gone towards unknown destinations, of hugs to people different from us, who have welcomed us into their culture, which we have internalized and made our own, but also the results of clashes and violence. SOLILUNA has chosen to explore this territory, the discovery of deep vibrations, apparently distant from us, with FARAWAY INNER VIBES, proposing itself in a contemporary, original and modern expression of music and dance. “(M.P.)

A new adventure at the gates of the sun and the moon

The meeting with the dancer Silvia Layla, capable of creating choreographies suitable for the music of SOLILUNA, was fundamental in the realization of the project. Musicians collaborate with the largest staff (Fabio Mancano, sax – Enrico Gallo, ethnic percussion – Giulio Caneponi, drums, ethnic percussion) who with their participation in the project bring always different and interesting experiences, a support that makes Maurizio’s music dialogue Puxeddu with new atmospheres to the point of bringing it closer to a fusion world music free from framing and cataloging.

A new adventure at the gates of the sun and the moon

Ideazione e composizioni: Maurizio Puxeddu
Coreografia e danza: Silvia Layla

Maurizio Puxeddu: chitarra baritona, flauto traverso, sulittu, bena ‘e corru, strumenti tradizionali sardi
Fabio Mancano: sax soprano, sax tenore, MIDI
Enrico Gallo: percussioni etniche
Giulio Caneponi: drums, percussioni etniche
Silvia Layla: danza


The show is available in the following formations:

  • Duo with dancer
  • Trio or quartet and dancer
  • Orchestra and dancers

Direct contact: 3409070137


Musica: world music, open chord guitar, romantic, etnic, minimal, newage, acoustic guitar, percussion, winds music, easy music.
Danza: flamenco-arabic, belly dance, veil dance, sword dance, cymbal dance, fusion modern dance.

The show lasts 1h, 1h and 30 ‘

CALENDAR – Soliluna Tour 2021 
Friday 23: LAVINIO / ANZIO (RM)