Gaia from “Abbasalìa – Storie dal vento e dal mare”

From “Abbasalìa – Stories from the wind and the sea”
Maurizio Puxeddu, music and composition
Silvia Layla, dance and choreography

To Mother Earth
GAIA (Maurizio Puxeddu, 1996)
For piano and delay
Gaia is a minimalist piece for piano and delay, it presents rhythmic repetitions and overlaps of elementary and minimal materials, associated with a delay – an electronic effect – which creates in real time a repetition of the sounds produced by the pianist.

The delay in GAIA is used to create a pulsating rhythmic grid, from the right to the left audio channel, on which the musician places all the sound materials and develops the musical discourse quietly, increasing and decreasing in a different way, between right and left hands, the dynamics and temporality of the sounds, between the sound of the piano and the one processed by the delay.

This registered version of GAIA is a theme to be developed. The live performer can afford variations and interactions, playing and relating with his action on the keys to the fixed rhythmic grid (delay), in a more important way than in recording, so as to shift the dynamic and temporal focus.

Listen to GAIA in the video for Abbasalìa – Stories from the wind and the sea