When you read the title Abbasalìa you have the feeling of facing an unknown word and not knowing where to place the accent. It is like when you enter the water, the sea, and you go a little further where it is not touched. The water supports you but not too much, you falter.

It’s like walking on the tightrope rope. You have to decide in fractions of a second where and how to put the weight of your body balancing it with open arms, under penalty of the most ruinous fall.

Reading the title Abbasalìa makes your neurons move, because you also start asking yourself “what will it mean?”.

And try to decline the term with different inflections and accents, trying to reason about its specific and etymological origin: Abbasàlia, Abbàsalìa, Àbbasàlia, Abbasalià, Àbbasalìa …

I like this so much. 🙂