Maurizio Puxeddu

Maurizio Puxeddu, musician, composer, researcher and teacher, owes his musical training to the studies carried out in the “G. P. da Palestrina” of Cagliari; subsequently, graduated in transverse flute, he taught Music Education and Transverse Flute, Launeddas Theory and Practice. He has composed music for theater, dance and documentaries.


The album entitled Abbasalìa collects some musical pieces for piano, as they were improvised and recorded by Maurizio Puxeddu between 1996/2000/2020. It was a preparatory work for something more articulated and complex, a bit like when a painter makes a first sketch, in pencil, pen or charcoal, of the work he intends to create in its entirety, and now it has become a show of music, dance and territory!

The new launeddas

Starting from the analysis of the peculiarities that most distinguish the launeddas, but considering this instrument as any other musical instrument of cultured extraction (with which in the past certain exploratory paths have already been completed), Maurizio Puxeddu for years has dedicated himself to experimentation and music research for new and unprecedented possibilities for using launeddas.


“… fundamental was the collaboration of the musician Maurizio Puxeddu who created the sound effects and composed the original music, which support the entire stage set, created following the evolution of the show, interacting with it to ensure that creativity was in total harmony with the individual scenes. ”